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Blinc Blonde

Get your colour under control with the new ‘Colour Control’ range.

Aveda has a long list of products we love, but the new Colour Control is up there. 

After 5 years of research, the new plant-powered at-home colour care system is proven to protect your colour for up to 8 weeks*, keeping those lush locks looking vibrant and fresh for longer. 

Let’s break it down. There’s a four- part plant tech process happening here –

  1. Botanical cleansers
    Precise calibration of plant-based ingredients cleanses the hair while caring for the colour molecules for lasting, radiant colour
  2. Neutralising power
    A natural ‘magnet’ instantly neutralises colour-fading particles protecting your colour with every wash.
  3. Dual charged molecules 
    Adds a weightless, invisible shield to your hair, preventing water penetration into the hair fibre and minimising colour wash out.
  4. Apricot and bio-fermented acid 
    Nourish, smooth and seal the hair cuticle, helping to keep that beautiful colour of yours locked in with glossy shine. 

From 4 plant-powered steps to 4 people-powered steps. All you need to do is:

  1. Get yours at your next appointment 
  2. Shampoo twice and feel the sulphate-free cleansing goodness
  3. Lightly towel dry and condition from mid-length to ends. Leave for 2 minutes before you rinse 
  4. Repeat and watch your colour continue to shine in between your 8 week appointments. 

*based on 24 washes. 

Launching September – pre-order now