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Blinc Blonde

Colour maintenance – what you need to know!

At Blinc Blonde, we’re well known for that ‘new colour shine.’ We’re quite proud of our Aveda products that allow us to treat your hair with beautiful plant-derived ingredients adding gloss and colour molecules to your lovely locks. But how can you upkeep that beautiful salon-fresh colour in-between appointments?

First, let’s get technical for a second – in order to know WHY, you should know HOW.

There are three layers to a hair strand, like a workplace hierarchy.

  • The Medulla
    The backbone structure of your hair that withholds your DNA – it can tell you a lot, but it doesn’t really do much. A bit like those employees that have been there a long time – and you really like them, but you’re just not quite sure what they do.
  • The Cortex  
    This is the hard-worker of your hair that deserves a little Christmas bonus this year. It holds moisture, protein, colour, everything – love the cortex, you need them to keep the business going.
  • The Cuticle
    This is the outer-layer that protects the cortex and all that it beholds. Protecting the cuticle is PARAMOUNT to the condition and longevity of your hair colour. Looking after the cuticle is like looking after your boss. It needs to happen in order to keep everyone happy, plus… they pay the bills, right? When we wash our hair, the cuticle opens – when we condition and treat, we load the cortex with moisturising goodness and close the cuticle.

Here’s how we would go about – follow this guide and we’re confident you’ll have happy hair.

Wait 72 hours after colouring to wash your hair
Let your strands soak in that vegan colour goodness. After a colouring service, the cuticle takes a few days to fully close. We want to lock in those colour molecules before we potentially wash them away.

Try not to wash your hair excessively
It’s important to get the right wash/ no wash day balance for your scalp and hair – and this can look different for everyone. (hello, dry shampoo!) Trial and error to see what’s right for you! Just be mindful that the more you wash your hair, the more you wash out the ever so important colour molecules.

Use high quality, sulfate free products

You spend a pretty penny on your beautiful colour, so it is important to use good products to maintain it. Sulfate-free shampoos are gentle on the scalp and hair, supporting moisture retention and preventing colour fade – unlike a sulfate shampoo. Aveda’s Colour Control shampoo is Sulfate free and smells oh so delicious. 

Colour targeted shampoos can be helpful

As above, give your colour some loving with the right products. In addition to our Colour Control Range, we highly recommend the Blonde Revival range for our blondes to neutralise the natural brassiness that occurs within the hair strand (come on cuticle, work that protecting magic). Are your bright-coloured kinda-person? Ask us about our colour infused conditioners.

Apply leave in treatment or sun protectant on extended days in the sun

We’re coming into warmer, sunnier days (hooray) but our hair can feel the burn. If you are a frequent beach go-er or spend long days basking in the sun, do yourself and your hair a solid favour and apply a sun protectant treatment. We recommend our Sun Care Hair Veil, with added UV filters for extra protection in the delightful rays.

Pamper yourself once a week with a deep-conditioning treatment

The boss [cuticle] will LOVE you for some weekly TLC. A deep conditioning treatment will nourish your hair strands from the cortex out and seal it with a kiss for added protein or moisture (depending on your needs) and protect your colour from fading due to malnourishment.

Love yourself some styling tools? Use a Heat Protector!

We get it. Styling your hair is like the polish to a great head-to-toe look, but consistent use of heat tools can cause irreversible mechanical damage to your hair. Use a heat protector when applying any heat to your hair to prevent stress and breakage. Where possible, allow yourself some air-drying days. Why not ask our Stylists for some natural styling tips that don’t require heat. We’re here for you and your hair – hit us up at your next appointment.  

In summary, take care in-between appointments and remember that hydration is key. Like any good working relationship, it’s a give and take. Give your hair some nourishment and reap the rewards of long-lasting, shiny hair colour – who knows, maybe even get an extra week out of it?