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Blinc Blonde

7 reasons you need a silk pillowcase

First let’s get nerdy with the silky-science

A recent clinical study showed that those that slept with a silk pillowcase as opposed to a cotton pillowcase had improved skin benefits. Why? Silk causes less friction on skin or hair which prevents irritation and damage. So while individual results will vary, it is clinically proven that silk is less drying for skin and hair and actually provides a cleaner sleep surface – dreamy skin and dreamy sleep – yes please!

So what are the benefits? We’re so glad you asked.

  1. Less damage to your hair and skin
  2. Silk on strands is thought to reduce hair frizz and tangles (and maybe even prolong your blow wave) Goodbye bed head!
  3. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. Anything to help with the hay fever, right?
  4. NO SLEEP CREASE – wake up with fewer fine lines and dare we say wrinkles thanks to improved skin hydration while you sleep
  5. Naturally cooling in those balmy Summer evenings. Thank. god!
  6. Preserve curls. Hydration = bouncy curl
  7. And if that wasn’t enough – they’re machine washable and quick drying. Because life is busy and we now can’t live without our silk pillowcases

To sum it up –

Hydration is key for healthy skin and hair – silk pillowcases allow us to maintain the hydration that we do desperately need compared to a cotton or non-silk pillowcase which – and here’s the scary bit – absorbs the natural oil and bacteria from your skin from regular sleeping. No thank you!

Available in 5 bed-worthy colours: white, blue, pink, dark grey, silver and champagne.

In stock, but flying off the shelves. So be quick or be sorry!

~ $65ea or 2 for $110 ~